Nanjing Heraeus Precious Metal Project

Date: 2018-09-12   Hots:

l  Installation Date: 2017 - 2018
l  Location: Jiangsu Nanjing
l  Product:  PE100/ PE-el/ PP-H/ PPs/ PPs-el/ PVDF/ PFA piping system
l  Diameter: od20 – od710mm
l  Engineering company: Jiangsu Qi'an


Various kinds of AGRU products are used in Heraeus plant in Nanjing for the conveying of the chemical fluids and the extraction of precious metal. Materials with special properties such as PPs-el are used in some special areas such as explosion proof area. All the pipelines are connected by means of socket welding, butt welding and hog gas welding. 

                              PP-H process piping system                                                       PPs ventilation piping system

                            PPs-el ventilation piping system                                                   PVDF process piping system