Anode Line PVDF Lining Project for Catcher Group

Date: 2018-07-04   Hots:

Installation Date: 2014
Location: Suzhou, Suqian & Taizhou
Product: PVDF Sheet
Catcher Group has 4 branches in China,,factories are located in Suzhou、Taizhou、Suqian city, OEM for Apple、HTC、DELL、Sony etc. There are a lot of PVDF sheets are used in the anodic oxidation tanks.
Advantages than 316 stainless steel:
*  Excellent chemical resistance
*  Long operating period
*  Easy processing and weldable
*  Lower costs
Several factors affecting decision making:
*  One-stop shopping(PVDF sheet、welding rod、pipe and fitting)
*  More direct face-to-face communication and Timely feedback
*  Better quality and reliability
*  Extensive technical support
Finally, they chose AGRU to be their Group Designated brand after.sheet:4-10mm,pipe and fitting: OD25.