Sewage Pipe Relining Project

Date: 2018-07-04   Hots:

Installation Date: 2013
Location: Tianjin Tanggu
Product: AGRUSAFE HDPE Concrete Protection
Installation Length: 2km
Contractor: Beijing A.N.D
Guangzhou Road of Tanggu in Tianjin, Sewage Pipeline has been used for nearly 20 years, the diameter of the pipeline DN600, DN700, DN800, the material for the dilute salt reinforced concrete pipe. Pipeline depth of 1.5 m -4 m. the pipeline has been seriously corrosive and leakage, the maximum corrosion wall thickness of more than 60%, the interface corrosion is serious, groundwater infiltration, parts of the road are collapsed. Because the road is very busy, to replace whole pipeline is very difficult for city traffic. Finally decide to use AGRUSAFE HDPE concrete protection liner 2mm thickness to make relining.