Xiamen Tianma G6 LTPS TFT-LCD & CF Project

Date: 2018-07-05   Hots:

Installation Date: 2015 - 2016
Location: Xiamen, Fujian
Product: AGRU PP Clean & PP piping
Diameter: OD20 – OD280mm
UPW Contractor: S.Y. / CEFOC
WWT Contractor: Dongzhen
This is the 1st line of G6 LTPS line for Tinama in China. The requirement of DI water quality is 18 MΩ.CM and the output is 1100 cm3/h. We supplied PP clean for UPW system, piping size is from od20mm – od280mm. We also supplied PP standard piping for WWT & PDS system. The total piping length is over 13,000 meters. The end user was very satisfied with AGRU products.

DI water piping
DI water piping
WWT & PDS piping WWT & PDS piping